General Society vs. Veterinary Students

If you hear someone say,"I’d tap that"…

What they probably mean if they are part of general society:

What they probably mean if they are a veterinary student:

When someone says: “Oh, vet school takes 4 years?”


Possible add-ons include (but are not limited to):

  • "So it’s like medical school?"
  • "Wow, that’s the same as doctors!"
         ((I hope people realize what the “D” in DVM stands for, but I digress))
  • "Why didn’t you just go to medical school instead? You could have made more money…"
  • "I thought it was only a two year program."
  • "When you’re done, you should move where I am so you can have my pets as patients!"
  • "Is that in addition to undergrad?"
  • "I wish I got paid to play with puppies all day.”
  • "My dog has been acting weird for the last three months… what’s wrong with it?"
  • "Can you treat my cat for free?"
  • "I’ve watched Dr. Pol!"

When someone asks me how to make it through vet school

Well, you have to remember that there are the highs, like getting your acceptance letter, doing well on exams, and realizing just how awesome vet med really is,


As well as the lows, like the day-to-day stresses, the mountain of work you need to do, the increased number of responsibilities, and the pressure to succeed,


Sometimes it will feel like it’s your class against the world,


And sometimes it will feel like it’s just you,


But you can’t give up!


Even if you start to doubt yourself,


You hang in there! Because you have made it too far to turn back. Because you deserve to accomplish what you have set out to do. And you CAN succeed. And you WILL. Because you wouldn’t have signed up for the long haul if you weren’t willing to put in the time and dedication needed to come out on top.

So get out there. Get studying. Get learning. And get that DVM!