The first time you have to euthanize an animal


Today is a break from the humor; I couldn’t bring myself to turn this subject into a joke, so yes, this post is serious. I wanted to make an entry on euthanasia, as it’s a something every vet student will have to eventually face. It is one thing to see an animal euthanized, and quite another to perform it yourself.

Some of you may feel grief, and that’s ok. It is normal to feel sadness, especially if the owner is present and grieving, or you were the one overseeing treatment of the pet. As veterinarians, we try to do everything we can for an animal, but sometimes it is not enough, or the owner can no longer pursue further treatment, or perhaps the animal was past saving when it arrived at our door. At all times, we are concerned about what is best for the animal’s well-being and quality of life. And sometimes that means humanely ending their pain and suffering.